LEARN stands for Learning Evidence-based Medicine And Research in Unison, and is a shared learning initiative between medical students at Monash University and UPSM.

It is a three-year buddy program that pairs students from both universities to first learn about Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) together and then use this learning to undertake shared research projects based on data collected in Fiji.



  1. Strengthen the partnership between Monash and UPSM students
  2. Increase knowledge of evidence-based clinical practice and research methodology
  3. Conduct relevant research that could have an impact on clinical practice, particularly in Fiji




Phase 1

As Year 3B students at Monash University begin to learn the concepts of EBCP in their weekly tutorials, we will run an online course in parallel, utilising videos produced by Monash's director of EBCP teaching, A/Prof Dragan Ilic.


Phase 2

Those who complete Phase 1 will be eligible for selection to form pairs of Monash and UPSM students, who will work collaboratively on a transnational research project. Under the guidance of a mentor, the students will formulate a research question, review the literature, undertake data collection and analysis, and produce an article for presentation and publication.



We are constantly seeking to improve LEARN and deliver a better learning experience. Please assist us by taking part in a short 15 minute questionnaire, designed to assess your confidence and ability in Evidence-based Clinical Practice.

Please complete the questionnaire before beginning the LEARN modules. Click here to complete!