Founded in 2009, Friends4Fiji is a partnership between medical students of Monash University, Australia and Umanand Prasad School of Medicine, Fiji. In 2018, we expanded to also support students at the Fiji School of Medicine, in a new partnership with the University of Newcastle.


OUR goals

The partnership aims to enhance medical education and health outcomes in Fiji and Australia by facilitating the donation of learning and medical equipment, organising shared learning opportunities abroad, and encouraging clinical engagement with the pressing global health concerns of the Pacific region and our world.

Our specific goals are to:

  • Network medical students

    • By spending time together and affirming and encouraging each other

  • Inspire medical students to pursue compassionate careers with confidence

    • Through engaging educational experiences locally and abroad

  • Empower medical students to advance global health standards

    • Through the provision of material aid as required

    • Through the facilitation of research projects to advance clinical practice

A complete overview of our activities is available here: Friends4Fiji Overview

our team

Friends4Fiji would like to warmly welcome our new committee for 2019!


  • President | Aidan Kashyap

  • Executive Secretary | Helena Ang

  • Executive Treasurer | Audrey Khor


  • Co-Chairs | Navya Gullapali, Jasminta Kumar

  • Secretary | Hannah Li

  • Treasurer | Melinda Fernando

  • IT Directors | Jordan Lai, Emma Fehmel

  • Sponsorship Director | Dion Paul

  • Assistant Director of Sponsorship | Tim Hsu

  • International Directors | Sailosi Madanawa, Grace Tudreu

  • International Officer | Lei Hung

  • Fundraising Directors | Michelle Truong, Jeremy Cheng

  • Fundraising Officers | Shekinah Maria Ramos, Esther Lim

  • Marketing Director | Jenny Dinh, Emma Gard

  • Pre-Clinical Representative | Nate Flacks

  • Biomedicine Representatives | Nicole Williams, Anjali Kumar

  • Operations Director | Dhanushree Patel

  • Material Aid Officer | Brian McPherrin

  • First Year Representatives | Shivangi Gupta, Diluni Fernando

  • General Committee | Fauzia Ally, Werdah Bhatti, Joanna Picerni, Anjana Ravi, Sarita Surendran, Louise Wong


  • Chair | Rahul Ravineel Pathak

  • Vice-Chair | Shayal Shivani Pratap

  • Secretary | Ashutosh Nand

  • Treasurer | Osama Bin Khalid

  • IT Officer | Rahul Ravineel Pathak

  • MBBS Marketing Officer | Ashweta Kaur

  • Pre Clinical Representative | Alumita Togavua Voli Nasilasila

  • Material Aid Officer | Rahul Ravineel Pathak


  • Chair | Roneel Kumar

  • Vice-Chair | Shalvina Reddy

  • Secretary | Vaseva Macanalagi

  • Treasurer | Sairusi Ragogo

  • Promotions/Fundraising Officer | Abdul Ali